8 Women Owned Brands We’re Loving

At Sensual Candle Co. we believe a brand is more than just products a brand should empower people. In honor of women’s history month, we’ve dedicated this post to women owned brands that empower women to be the best versions of themselves. 

Here are 8 women owned brands/products we’re loving not just this month, but everyday. 

Sensual Candle Co. 8 Women owned brands we're loving



A brand dedicated to skin wellness, Klur has created more than successful products. They  have cultivated an atmosphere of sustainability and inclusive beauty. Check out their product Immersion to experience long-lasting skin hydration.


Gypsy. by Knature

Founder of Gypsy by Knature, Anishka Boozer, created the term knature as a way to express an intimate knowing of the natural world. By connecting the terms knowledge and nature,  Anishka has designed a brand that connects women to divine femininity through her signature pieces like the Divine Feminine Necklace.


Oui the People 

Reconstructing the concept of beauty, Oui the People value complexity, imperfections, and authenticity. They are more than just razor products, each of their items are designed to nourish you and your body.  



Telsha Anderson has designed a concept store,  t.a. that caters to women understanding their power through fashion. Her purpose for t.a. is to provide pieces that give a new perspective on luxury living and style. The brands featured at t.a. have been personally sourced from Paris, South Korea, London, New York, Milan, LA, and more. One of our favorites is the Peet Dullaert Soleil Dress every woman needs to conquer the world. 


Claude Home

A vintage- inspired interior decor brand? We are here for it. Founder Maggie Holloday, created Claude Home to help individuals discover the magic of time. More than just vintage-inspired furniture, these pieces connect the past to the present ensuring a classic future. Check out one of our desired sculptures, Simone by Le Minou Studio in LA.


Deon Libra

Deon Libra is an adaptogenic beauty brand that believes in less stress and more self-care. Their mission is to educate women in all things beauty and wellness. Stay tuned as they unroll the next phase of their brand in Fall 2021.


Alma Aromatherapy

Based in Miami, FL Alma Aromatherapy  is an all natural bath and body line designed for simplicity and effectiveness.  Founder, Vicky Serra, is a firm believer in taking a natural approach in every aspect of life. She empowers women to care for themselves and each other on a daily basis. Check out her homemade detoxifying clay mask that will leave you refreshed and ready for anything. 


Sana Skin Studio

Like Sensual Candle Co. Sana Skin Studio believes in the power of self-love. Their mission is to empower women to respect and listen to their bodies. Using love as motivation, their brand promises to be there for you and your skin.  As you celebrate the powerful women in your life and the power within you, treat yourself to one of their well- known facials

Image Source: Dom Aguair

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