Tips to Make Your Home More Fragrant

Did you know that, out of our five senses, smell is considered one of the most powerful? This is because the sense of smell has an intimate connection with memory.  Think back to some of the happiest moments in your life. Can you remember the smells around you? The familiar scent of a loved one, the decadent aroma of a home cooked meal, the first whiff of the ocean at sunrise. 

Our sense of smell can positively (and negatively) affect our mood and emotions. From enhancing relaxation and reducing stress to relieving pain and improving alertness, this is why at Sensual Candle Co. we believe it is essential to have your safe place smelling good.


Sensual Candle Co. Blog Tips to Make Your Home More Fragrant

Diffuse Essential Oils

It’s true what they say. There’s an oil for everything and we are here for it. Diffusing essential oils not only freshens up your home, they improve your health and quality of life.  Here are some of our favorite oils and their health benefits. 

Peppermint: Aids digestive system and boosts energy 

Lavender: Promotes relaxation and is used to relieve stress and anxiety

Jasmine: Improves mood and helps with depression 

Lemongrass: Traditionally used to help reduce high cholesterol and decrease stress levels

Tea Tree: Use to fight infections and boost immunity 

Hang Eucalyptus in your Shower 

Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree that grows in various parts of the world. Known to decrease the activity of your stress response system, the eucalyptus aroma will bring you a new level of peace while leaving behind a trace of serenity.

Hang your eucalyptus in the shower, turn on the hot water, turn up our Shai playlist and relax.

Light a Candle 

A tip as old as time, at Sensual Candle Co. we know the power of candles better than most. Not only do candles add a variety of scents to our homes, they have calming effects such as reducing anxiety and enhancing mental clarity. Our Lowkey Sensual Candle  is an effortless combination of lemongrass, sage, and ginger that will leave you feeling at ease. 

We’d love to know which of these tips cozied up your home. Share it in the comments below! 

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