Why Your Weekly Self-Care Ritual Should Include a Bath

Self-care rituals also known as wellness rituals are essential to disconnect from the world and reconnect with one’s self.  

At Sensual Candle Co. we believe your wellness ritual should include a weekly bath. 

Why Your Weekly Self-Care Ritual Should Include a Bath

Throughout time, spirituality has used water as a process of renewal and purification. More than just an act of rinse & repeat, bathing is a sacred act of cleansing. 

To cleanse is a process of time one dedicates to rid their body of substances that are toxic or unhealthy. Cleansing is not just for our physical bodies, however for our emotional and mental beings as well. Studies show immersing yourself in purifying water not only kills bacteria and improves immunity, but it also allows you to breathe deeper and slower. Bathing helps with blood flow which decreases stress. 

When we talk about bathing weekly, we are also talking about refreshing the soul. We have learned water holds power for restoration. A weekly bath gives your soul time to recharge, reflect, and let go of any negativity experienced throughout the week. Without any restraints, it allows you to immerse yourself in self-love. 

Light our Lowkey Sensual Candle, play your favorite playlist, and dive into true beauty.

As you self-care this week, pay attention to how you feel before and after a bath. We promise it will be your new favorite ritual. 

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