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There’s pleasure and power in sensuality.

To be sensual is to be in touch with your surroundings. To be present. To be alive. A simple bath routine to rinse away anxiety, sparked the flame that became Sensual Candle Co. A luxury candle brand that promotes sensuality, peace, and self-love.

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Light Shai when you need a reminder that everything gradually flows and whatever life throws at you can be handled. I...

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The Shai candle is hands down the best candle I have ever bought! The smell is incredible and aligns with my personal scent preference perfectly. It burns beautifully and the wick makes this subtle crackling sound that is so peaceful. I didn't know I needed that in my life but it makes it even more relaxing when lit!! 11/10 would recommend :)

Lauren V. on Shai

This is my go to candle for a late night bath. I love to light this when I am unwinding from the day. I love the scent and the vibes it gives off. This is my second purchase for sensual candle co and I’m very impressed. The quality is amazing and the lemongrass + sage scent is so relaxing. Great job Sensual Candle Co.

Nicole on Lowkey

Actually shocked at how relaxing the crackling of the wood is. It makes you just want to lay down and zone out. And I LOVE the scent. It's warm and sweet. For sure my favorite. My entire room is filled with it. Definitely will be buying again.

Shar on Shai



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We've got bundles! Buy more, save more. Check out our Sensual Trio for 3 candles or our Candle and Wick Trimmer set t...

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