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Sensual Candle Co. was born from a simple bath ritual to rinse away anxiety.

The Ritual

The ritual was simple: run a bath, turn on a soothing playlist, and light a candle. During this routine, we fell in love with candles' soft glow, dancing flames, and their ability to bring you present and put you in a meditative state for relaxation.

This ritual also shed light on the importance of connecting back to self and how our senses can aid us in this connection. To be sensual is to be in touch with your surroundings. To be present. To be alive. 

Sensual Candle Co. is a luxury lifestyle brand for busy women seeking tools to aid her in slowing down and connecting back to self. Our mission is to promote self-love, peace, and sensuality.

The Candles

Our candles are thoughtfully designed from wax to wick to vessel. Our coconut wax blend is combined with premium fragrances and essential oils. Then it's hand-poured into our signature matte black containers with wooden wicks. 
To ensure they smell great at first burn, we let them cure for at least three days. They are then packaged in our logo stamped cotton velvet bags. 

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Candles for a little piece of peace.


Sentrell started her career in PR/Marketing and eventually transitioned to Interior Design. Sentrell began developing Sensual Candle Co. while working on her thesis. After earning her Masters in Interior Architecture, she began  her Interior Design career while actively building Sensual Candle Co. which launched Fall 2019. Sentrell is a designer at a Miami Interior Design studio while simultaneously running Sensual Candle Co. She resides in Miami, FL. 

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32 reviews
The Little Things
Thank you for sharing your experience Megan! We'd love to see how you reuse your candle glass. Also, we really appreciate your compliment on our custom service. ☺️
I adore this scent!
Thanks Shaina! We're so happy you've loved every scent. We can't wait for you to try Lowkey. It's the perfect morning candle!
Smells so good!
We love it! We try to make the unboxing experience as enjoyable as possible. Your suggestions have been noted. Stay tuned! :)
Burns great, like the smell
Thank you for the great feedback Cassie! We love hearing honest feedback from our customers. We are actively working to launch a scent discovery set. Please stay tuned. :)
Sharp and stylish!
Love it! Thanks, Rachel.