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Five Ways to be Sensual

by Team Sensual |

Sensuality is the ability to enjoy your all five of your senses. That is, hearing, touch, sight, smell, and taste. Being sensual is something different from being sexual. However, sensuality still encompasses several aspects of sexuality.

Sensuality is triggered by anything that makes you feel physically good and makes your entire being calm. This can range from soothing music, good food, lovely reads, sunsets, nature walks. etc.

The essential driving factors toward being sensual are self-love and self-worth. When you look in the mirror, how much appreciation do you give yourself? To what extent do you hold yourself in high regard?

Sensuality and confidence go hand-in-hand. Love and adore your body. Glow and radiate in your glory.

Below are a few helpful tips as you choose to embrace sensuality.

5 Ways to Embrace Sensuality

Love your body

Loving your body is the most critical step to becoming sensual. No matter how many exercise routines and diets you pick up, these will all be in vain if you don’t wholly embrace yourself. You first have to fall in love with yourself.

Embrace all those flaws, and whatever you deem as an imperfection. For your super strengths, make them even more outstanding. Your body is your life-time embodiment.

Do whatever it takes to feel great and unique about yourself. Go for those walks and dance even when the whole world has its eyes on you. Adore your body with the respect you deserve. Also, nourish yourself with healthy meals.

Be kind to yourself

Sensuality encompasses self-love and adornment. Being kind to yourself is a necessity on this journey.

Hug yourself, warmly. Assure yourself of how much you love you. Pat yourself on the pack for every achievement. Be very proud of your wins and every effort you make. Even when you fail, remind yourself of how powerful you are.

Treat yourself to sweet gifts, dates, and good meals whenever you want. Above all, affirm yourself. You only have you.


The demands of life somehow make it difficult for us to focus on our inner selves. Meditation provides a platform to comprehend your thoughts and feelings. It’s in silent meditation that you entirely get in touch with your spiritual and emotional self.

While meditating, don’t be afraid to ask yourself how you feel. Respond accordingly to your gut and all other parts of your body.

Create a warm relationship with your gut. Sometimes, it knows what’s best for you.

Check out these platform for meditations: Liberate, Insight Timer, and Calm. Youtube is also a great resource.  

Embrace a self-love ritual

Self-care is the ultimate expression of loving your body. If you say you love your body but don’t nourish and pamper it, would your body believe you?

Take care of your skin. Adopt skincare regimens that work for you and massage your body. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Massage yourself even as you take a bath.

Embrace whatever soothes your soul, including candle-light sessions and pleasurable music. Honor who you are.

Be mindful

Deliberately take note of everything that happens around you. Pay attention to sounds, nature, and beautiful sights.

Be a witness to your thoughts and focus on uplifting yourself. You are in control of your thoughts. Also, allow yourself to feel pleasure. You earnestly deserve it.

Sensuality involves being real with yourself. Identify what makes you feel enthusiastic and zero in on those factors.

Be confident and love yourself profoundly.

Photo via Carolina Marinati

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