How to burn a candle

Why would anyone need instructions on how to burn a candle? The answer is simple. A lot of people are incorrectly burning candles. It's not as intuitive as one may think. Thus a whole lotta wasted money and even more wasted precious burn hours. 

How To Burn a Candle Sensual Candle Co.

How to Burn a Candle  

We are going to break this down into obvious and not so obvious steps. By the end, you will know how to properly burn a candle. Let's get to it!

Read the Warning Label

Before burning a brand new candle, it is very important that you read the candle warning label. It's there for a reason people! Most likely there will be information that will not only give you candle safety tips but there may be tips special to the candle brand. Sensual Candle Co. candles feature a wooden wick so we have additional tips on our warning label that are specific to our candles. Which takes us to our next how to burn a candle step...

Trim Your Wick 

Trimming your wick is vital in getting the most out of your candle. Not only does it help with preventing smoking, but it helps the fragrance release from the candle for a great hot throw. (Hot Throw is how well the fragrance smells when burning. Don't fret, we have a candle glossary post coming soon.)

This step is extremely important to our candles. Trimming the wooden wick to the right height burns the wax at the right pace and helps the candle last the right amount of burn hours. 

Light Your Candle

It's lit! We had to do it. 😜Ok, This has to be one of the most important steps in how to burn a candle. Wax has memory and in order for it to burn correctly you have to tell it how to burn. You're probably scratching your head, but this will all make sense in a sec. On the very first burn of your candle, it's very important to get a full wax pool. A full wax pool is when the melted wax reaches the full circumference of the container. Why is this important? Remember that memory we mentioned earlier? If your candle reaches a full wax pool on the first burn it will remember to do this every single time you burn the candle. This will result in you using every ounce of your wax. Yes, no wax left behind.

Last, but not least. For your candle to reach a full wax pool, it will need about two hours. So the first time you burn your candle, make sure you have at least 2 hours of time. Oh and don't burn your candle more that 4 hours people. That's a big NO.

P.S. Please don't move the candle while it's lit. It would be just your luck to trip or get hot wax on yourself. Listen to us. 

Properly Extinguish Your Candle

Ok, so this step is not rocket science. Just blow out your candle or use a snuffer which basically suffocates the flame. It important to extinguish your candle properly so that no ash or particles fall into the wax. During this step, we also want to make sure to remove particles/ash while the wax is still liquid. We suggest to do this with a tooth pick or tweezers. Make sure the candle is not lit and don't do this with your hands. The wax is hot and you can burn yourself. 

Don't move until the wax solidifies & store

Now that you have successfully burned your candle, now it's time to let it cool and solidify. Like we suggested at the light your candle step, wait until the wax solidifies to move your candle. When it solidifies, store your candle. We suggest to put your sensual candle in your cotton velvet bag to keep it away from dust and particles that might settle on the wax.


If you need a refresher, start from step 1. Otherwise start from step 2 and you should be good! 

This concludes our how to burn a candle Ted Talk. We hope you learned something new and if not that's cool too. 😊


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