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Sensual Candle Co. is an Afterpay Retailer!

by Team Sensual |

Sensual Candle Co. Afterpay Retailer

We are so excited to announce Sensual Candle Co. is now an Afterpay retailer! 

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is simple buy now, pay later shopping platform. You buy what you want and pay for it in four installments interest free. The first payment is due at the time of the purchase and every two weeks thereafter. 

How do I access Afterpay?

It's super easy! Just browse our website, add the items you want to your cart, and choose Afterpay at checkout. You will then be routed to the Afterpay payment portal where you will enter your information, sign-in or sign up for an account, and then checkout. Once you have checked out, you will be rerouted back to our website for your order confirmation. 

How do I know how much my installment will be every two weeks?

Afterpay shows up on every product page on the Sensual Candle Co. site letting you know how much the installment will be for each item. Once you've added an item(s) to your cart, you will be able to see the total Afterpay installment for your cart. 

Does Afterpay have a minimum purchase amount? 

Yes. You must spend $35 to use Afterpay. 

Does Afterpay include taxes and shipping?

Yes. It includes your total cart. 

How soon will I get my items if I use Afterpay?

You will receive your items as though you paid in full. See our shipping policy here.

Have any other questions about Afterpay? Shoot us an email at hello [at]  

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Let customers speak for us

170 reviews
Glow Sensual Candle
Alexandria Marsh
Love it

Love the smell, especially after cleaning up

Glow Sensual Candle
Kareemat Ayodeji
Loveee the smell!

A light airy scent that lingers in the air.

Duo Sensual Set
Lexus Dennis
Shai is… OMG!

I absolutely LOVE Shai. It’s so sexy and warm and inviting. I was not a fan of Femme at all. It reminded me of a Candy I tried as a kind that has that sickly sweet smell. While I’m not saying it stinks (because it absolutely doesn’t), I just personally wasn’t a fan. I did reach out to exchange Femme for Shai and the owner offered to replace the candle free of charge and allowed me to regift Femme (I paid for the third candle as I didn’t want to take advantage of a fellow maker just because I didn’t like something and their kindness about the situation made me feel compelled to do so)

Sensual Set Trio
Hailey M.
Amazing candles

They arrived in tact and beautiful as ever. I had Shai already, but wanted to try the other two. They're all lovely scents and compliment each other well. Shai is definitely the most masculine scented, Femme being the sweeter feminine one (as you may have guessed lol), with Lowkey kind of just smelling like soap. Not really in between, just soapy. Overall, amazing candles! I will be purchasing more.

Duo Sensual Set
Colorado Puppy Mom
Favorite candles

We love everything about these candles!!! The scents are great and the wooden wicks provide a great subtle background sound - like a small flickering fire). We’ve reordered 3 times already!