The Number One Rule for Having a Home You Love

At Sensual Candle Co. we have one rule when it comes to decorating.

  Only have décor items that you love!

Why is home décor important? Home décor is more than just having nice things but creating a safe place where you can live your best life.

The Number One Rule for Having a Home You Love

Remember the time you moved into a new space? Empty walls. Freshly cleaned carpets. A new adventure. This new place looked like a promise of success, joy, community, and self-love.

When we decorate a new or old place, it is an opportunity to create a space that represents our inner selves. A beautifully designed kitchen to entertain or try new recipes. An accent chair that brings a pop of color into your life. A delicate work area to prepare in peace for a busy week. A bedroom set that resets your soul after a good night’s rest.

The best way to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to decorating is to find inspiration. Spend some time in nature. Play your favorite record.  Combine your favorite colors to find the  perfect shade. Create a mood board and collect ideas and styles you like  from other renowned homes.


  Here are some of our favorite home décor inspiration accounts & shops: 

       CLAUDE HOME- @claudehome

The Future Perfect - @thefutureperfect


 Kelly Wearstler Gallery- @shopkwearstler

Designer Sarah Ellison - @sarahellisonstudio
 Shoppe Amber Interiors - @shoppeamberinteriors 
Effortless Composition Home - @effortlesscomposition 
           Designer Sarah Sherman Samuel - @sarahshermansamuel


Home décor positively enhances our productivity, creativity, and self-perception. So, go ahead, purchase that new coffee table or those vintage lamp shades. You deserve it.

Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash  

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