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Sensual Candle Co. Launch + Preorders

by Team Sensual |

Sensual Candle Co. Launch Scents

I can't believe we are finally here. Sensual Candle Co. has launched and we are accepting pre-orders! After almost 2 years of sourcing, planning, pricing, and testing we are finally ready to share our sensual candles with you!

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote sensuality, peace, and self-love. What does this mean? It means we want spread the joys of pleasure and mental calm. The world has us all constantly moving to keep up with some standard that we feel completely goes against what it means to be an individual. We all get caught up in the hustle and bustle. 

Quick Question.

Have you asked yourself what you want lately? What your body needs? What your mind needs? What you need? At Sensual Candle Co., we believe if we all slowed down a little we would be able to really tune-in to ourselves and what we really want. Maybe even burnouts would happen less for all of us!

Candles have helped us in so many ways. We call them our peace aides. That's why our tagline is candles for a little piece of peace. 

Sensual Scents

We decided to launch with 3 fragrances: Shai Sensual Candle, Femme Sensual Candle, and Lowkey Sensual Candle. These candles took a lot of sweat and tears to develop and we are super proud of them. We will share more about each scent on the blog, but in the meantime check out each one in the links above. Each scent has something different to offer. 


We are accepting preorders. All preorders will ship September 20th and for a limited time we are offering free shipping!

If you want to say hello or if you have a questions, contact us at and we will get back to you in 24-48 hours. Happy shopping!

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Let customers speak for us

170 reviews
Glow Sensual Candle
Alexandria Marsh
Love it

Love the smell, especially after cleaning up

Glow Sensual Candle
Kareemat Ayodeji
Loveee the smell!

A light airy scent that lingers in the air.

Duo Sensual Set
Lexus Dennis
Shai is… OMG!

I absolutely LOVE Shai. It’s so sexy and warm and inviting. I was not a fan of Femme at all. It reminded me of a Candy I tried as a kind that has that sickly sweet smell. While I’m not saying it stinks (because it absolutely doesn’t), I just personally wasn’t a fan. I did reach out to exchange Femme for Shai and the owner offered to replace the candle free of charge and allowed me to regift Femme (I paid for the third candle as I didn’t want to take advantage of a fellow maker just because I didn’t like something and their kindness about the situation made me feel compelled to do so)

Sensual Set Trio
Hailey M.
Amazing candles

They arrived in tact and beautiful as ever. I had Shai already, but wanted to try the other two. They're all lovely scents and compliment each other well. Shai is definitely the most masculine scented, Femme being the sweeter feminine one (as you may have guessed lol), with Lowkey kind of just smelling like soap. Not really in between, just soapy. Overall, amazing candles! I will be purchasing more.

Duo Sensual Set
Colorado Puppy Mom
Favorite candles

We love everything about these candles!!! The scents are great and the wooden wicks provide a great subtle background sound - like a small flickering fire). We’ve reordered 3 times already!